Kid’s Craft: Fingerprint Art

Today we are having some fun with our fingerprints and some paint (or you can use ink if you’d prefer)!  This is a fun way to make a small mess and have some fun with your kids :)

As we were making them I had Calen come up with what we were going to make and we just figured out ways to use our fingerprints to make some art….

Fingerprint Title

You can invest at much or as little time into this, but either way you’ll have a happy camper – or at least I did!

Fingerprint 2

It’s easy when you have a boy, just take off the shirt and if they get too messy just pop them in the shower afterwards.

Here’s what you need to do this:

  • paint
  • wet dishcloth
  • Sharpie fine point marker
  • paper

Fingerprint 3

This was a terribly rainy day so this kept us preoccupied until nap time.

First, start with squeezing some paint on to a paper plate or something easily cleaned.  Get as many different colors as you can – it’s just more fun to have options like green pigs or purple cows!

Fingerprint 4

Now, grab your paper and figure out what you want to start with.  It was easy to start with a caterpillar.  Then we just went from there.

Fingerprint 5

Since we used paint, you could get a little more on your finger and add a bit of dimension to each creature – see the chick, it’s almost as if he has a wing.

Fingerprint 8

We even made a little farm to hang on Calen’s wall – complete with cows, pigs, spiders, chicks, and a large caterpillar!

Next, grab your Sharpie marker and add the details to the fingerprints – like the spider legs and caterpillar antennae.

Fingerprint 6

Even your little one might want to take a shot at adding their own touches to the art.

Fingerprint 7

And that’s it!

Here are a few of the things we came up with… the possibilities are endless though so have fun with it!

Fingerprint 1

Thanks for joining me today guys for another quick and easy kids craft.  Until next time….

Scrapbooking: Special Everyday Moments (part 1 of 2)

Happy Friday everyone!!


I’ve got another scrapbook layout for you… I’ve been working hard to try to get caught up on my scrapbook.  After sitting down and looking at my progress I realized at the rate I was going, I would never catch up.  It was taking me about 2 months to do 1 month’s worth of scrapbooking.  So I had to step it up – or reduce how many photos I want to scrapbook (which I did NOT want to do – the point is to capture the memories, not put them on the back burner!).

Scrapbooking is therapeutic for me – it’s something I enjoy and I get in a zone when I scrapbook.  I guess it’s a bit of a stress reliever for me.  I really enjoy doing it and sharing it with others so that you may also enjoy the craft.  :)

Ok, anyways… on to the layout.

Special 1

The is part 1 of what I suppose could be called a 2-page spread.  I did not make them to be a full 2-page spread, but they do coordinate – I’m using all the same papers and similar supplies to make each page so that they look good side-by-side.

The supplies I used are…

  • papers – all from the American Crafts My Girl collection (I have the 12×12 pad so I just pulled a bunch from the pad)
  • stickers – Doodlebugdesign Inc. Bitty Baby Boy icon stickers and SEI At The Zoo stickers
  • alphas – Studio Calico Clean Slate color theory alphas and October Afternoon Daily Flash in Dandelion ‘Story Book’ alphas (both fonts – script and tile)
  • other embellishments – paper doily (from a local bakery supply store), Twine & Ink enamel dots, Project Life Wedding Edition 4×6 card, Silver Glitter tape (from the dollar spot at Target), Zig Writer in Pure Black, American Crafts Metallic Marker in Silver, miscellaneous star cut from yellow adhesive vinyl with the Cricut, and American Crafts best of Dear Lizzy papers (grey/chalkboard camera, polaroids,  and mason jar cut outs)
  • tools – Recollections Mini Heart punch (with miscellaneous paper scraps)

Here are a few close ups of how this turned out….

Special 2

I’m realizing I really like to have one maybe, two feature photos and scrapbook around those.  I rarely do multiple photos on one layout.

The next page will be one 4×6 photo, but it’s a collage of 6 different smaller photos.

Special 3

And I really like clusters…

Special 4

Here’s the video so you can see how this layout came together…

Check back in a few days to see the other part of this 2-page coordinating spread (I guess is what we’ll call it)!

Scrapbook Layout: traintastic!

Yes… I said ‘traintastic’, ha!  I’m channeling Chuggington here guys (as I sing the theme song now that it’s stuck in my head!).  The title just seemed fitting for this layout as it came together – I actually had a different title already picked out, but changed it as soon as I started recording.

Train 2

Sometimes it just happens like that and you roll with it.  I had no clue how this layout was going to turn out when I started it (as I mention in the video), but I’m pleased.  I wanted to keep it simple but nice still.

Here are a few closer up photos… the video is linked at the end of this post so you can skip ahead if you’d like!

Train 3Train 4Train 5Train 6Train 7Train 8

To complete this layout I used a variety of products…

(ALMOST all of this made it to the actual layout)

Train 1

  • base – White cardstock (American Crafts) and Hello World (Life-Love-Paper for Studio Calico)
  • other papers – Travel Journal (Studio Calico), Best of Amy Tangerine Papers (American Crafts), Best of Dear Lizzy papers (American Crafts), and a manufacturer’s strip from American Crafts
  • other embellishments – Hello Summer journaling and accent cards (Echo Park Paper Co.), Lost & Found Christmas Special Edition enamel dots (My Mind’s Eye), White Crepe Paper (Studio Calico), Atlantic sequins (Studio Calico), Resin Lollipop (Studio Calico), transparency Diamonds (Kal Barteksi for Studio Calico), and Alphabeans in Blueberry Teal (Jillibean Soup)
  • ink and stamp – Grey (Studio G) and Trains 3×3″ stamp set (Studio G)
  • other tools – mini Heart punch (Recollections)

If you’d like to watch the video of how this layout came together, click on the video below…

Thanks for joining me today!  I hope this inspires you to get those memories documented before you forget some of the details!!

Kid’s Project: All About Me posters

Me title


Today’s project is for the kids in your house!  We started doing these last year as a project for Calen’s preschool – his teachers asked that each kid creates a poster telling what things they like.

It’s a way for them to share with the others in the class things they like, as well as let their creative side come out a bit.  Well, last year, all Calen was really able to do was help me pick out what we put on there.  But this year, he had the primary role – I just helped glue and finish cutting.Me 1

First, gather your supplies – we picked out…

  • the poster board
  • magazines
  • stickers
  • postcards
  • glue
  • scissors
  • a marker
  • a ruler

First, we started by outlining the poster board in the black marker (not a necessity, but it helps the child see the limits of where to put things).

Then, we added Calen’s name – I helped him get the letters in the correct order, but otherwise it was up to him to put it all down.

Me 2

Then we started picking out things to put on it.  To keep it from just being a jumbled mess, we picked topics of things he liked.  For example, sports or fruit – and then made groupings on the poster.

Me 3

Some things were cut and then glued.  Other things were stickers.

Me 4

Overall, it was a great activity to do together – and he was so proud of it in the end!

Me 5

Me 6

Last year’s is already hanging in Calen’s room, so he took this new poster to his room to compare and pick a place to hang the new one.

Me 7

I really like being able to see how his likes change over time – I plan to take photos of these and put in the scrapbooks so we can remember what things he liked best at 2 and 3 years old!

Here is a look at last year’s poster…

Me 8

Then, once we were done… we spent the rest of the afternoon making cookies!  Total yum!!

Me 9

Hidden Journaling How To and Examples

I love scrapbooking… but I do have one thing that I get hung up on periodically — journaling.  It sometime takes me awhile to figure out what to write, then how to write it for others to read.

Sometimes the stories I have to tell are better off told but hidden so that only those close to me read them, it’s just a way to keep some stories more personal.  Thus… the need for hidden journaling.

Hidden 1

One basic way to add hidden journaling is by mounting a journaling card on the back of the layout, to be pulled out the top of the page protector by the reader.

You will need… a layout, a scrap of paper, dimensional foam tape, scissors, washi tape, and a journaling card (or journaling spot).

[there is also a video of how to do this at the end of this post - just scroll all the way to the bottom if you want to skip straight to that!]

Now for the ‘how to’ part of this….

Start by taking the layout and journaling card, figuring out where you want the journaling card to peek out on the top edge of the layout.  Take a piece of washi tape and secure the card in place on the front so it doesn’t move while you build your pocket on the back of the layout.

Hidden 2

Using foam tape, make a frame around your journaling card – on both sides and on the bottom.  The side pieces need to each be one continual piece so there is no gap for the journaling card to get hung up on as it slides in and out of the pocket.  The bottom part does not have to be continual, it’s acting more as a stopper than as a guide.

Hidden 3I like to leave about an 1/8″ on either side of the card and then flush at the bottom of the card since it is the ‘stopper’.

Next, remove the back of the foam tape and adhere a scrap piece of card stock on top of the foam tape, enclosing your pocket.

Hidden 4

And there you go!  Your pocket is made and the journal card is ready to be hidden.

I prefer to actually type my journaling, I’m just not a fan of my handwriting (though I do occasionally handwrite on the layouts) – in order to make this printed journaling just use your computer, or a typewriter if you have one (which I’d LOVE to get my hands on, but for now my computer works).

Hidden 5

Open Pages or Word (I have a Mac so I use Pages) and create a shape only with a frame (not filled in).  You can set it to be the size of your journaling card – 3″x4″ or 4″x6″ or even a custom size.  For sake of ease, I make the box about 0.1″ larger on all sides so when I go to center my journaling card the border is slightly larger.

Within that shape box, create a text box.  Now type your journaling to fit within your digitized journaling card.  Print it.  Make sure your actual journaling card will fit on the printed one (paying attention to spacing and other design elements already on the journaling card you are using).

On your digitized copy, erase the border lines (or change their opacity) so that it doesn’t print again when you run your journaling card through your printer.  Using washi tape, adhere the journaling card in the center of your printed box.  Now run it through your printer… and there you go, a printed journaling card!

Hidden 10

Hidden 11

I really do like to use hidden journaling on my pages – either to make them more interactive, because the journaling doesn’t fit within the design, or because the journaling is private – there are many reasons and ways to use hidden journaling.  Here are a few examples…

Hidden 6

Envelope style…

Hidden 7

This is great for longer stories.

And another example…

Hidden 8

Hidden by a flap…

Hidden 9

And one more example…

Hidden 12

A pocket actually on the page with a journaling card inside.

Hidden 13

I hope this gives you some ideas and new methods to try!

If you’d like to see a video of all this, please watch here…

Thanks for joining me today!

Scrapbook Layout Process: He Is Growing Up So Fast

Today I have a layout for you featuring a 4×6 photo that is really made up for 6 different photos printed on one 4×6 piece of photo paper.  I like mixing these types of prints in my scrapbook – it add variety as well as more photos on one page!

Growing Up title

Here are few closer up photos of the completed layout… (keep going till you get to the end of this post if you’d like to see how the layout came to be!

Growing Up 5


I really like this color combination… grey, pink, and teal with a bit of yellow and black mixed in.  It would not have been my first choice for a layout of my son, but I’m game for trying anything and this one just happened to work out ok!

Growing Up 4

I love mixing the types of photos I use in my layouts.  I recently got into making these photo collages – I love them!  I was able to add 6 different photos with only taking the space of one 4×6 photo.  It’s great for photos where you have multiple images that are just slightly different.

Really, you could even just use the same photo multiple times in the same collage style to make a bigger impact on the page – a thought for the future… I haven’t tried that yet.  :)

Growing Up 3

The video cut off right before I showed how I did this hidden journaling, but I use this method a lot so I’ll be sure to include it in a future video.  I like how the card peeps up above the page but still coordinates, like it’s part of the embellishment cluster on the top right corner of the page.

Growing Up 2



That’s my boy!

Growing Up 1

The supplies I used on this layout are…

  • base – Stonehenge by Bazzill
  • Teal (paper) – Paper Accents
  • Bell Pepper Starz (paper) – Bella Blvd
  • Falling Down (paper) – Studio Calico
  • ‘Borders’ Snapshots (paper with cameras) – Bella Blvd
  • Washi tape – from Freckled Fawn and Pick Your Plum
  • Black Orchid rub-on words – SEI
  • Dear Lizzy accent and phrase stickers – American Crafts
  • Idea-ology label letters – Tim Holtz
  • Rocket Age: Decal alpha stickers – October Afternoon
  • Essentials Sequins in Grey & Black – Studio Calico
  • Puffy Stickers – Twine + Ink
  • Teen Adolescent themed cards (girl set) – Project Life Becky Higgins
  • Lost & Found Christmas Special Edition enamel dots – My Mind’s Eye

Here is the video showing how this layout came together…

If you like my video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Thanks for joining me today!

Redbook + L’Oréal Paris Happy Hour House Party!

A few weeks ago I was notified that I was chosen to host a Redbook + L’Oréal Paris Happy Hour House Party from!


(photo from

If you aren’t familiar with House Party, they are awesome!  Basically, you have to apply and be chosen to host one of their parties – they have a variety from kid’s toys to cooking to beauty products.  If you are chosen then they provide you with the supplies needed to host a party with your friends to try and share the products they provide you.

Redbook 1

Redbook 2

For my party, I was provided with…

  • Redbook’s September issue to share with my guests – as well as a free subscription for everyone
  • Miracle Blur Instant Eye Smoother – and samples for each guest
  • Revitalift Miracle Blur Orignal samples
  • Total Resist Advanced Haircare samples
  • Triple Resist Advanced Hairecare samples
  • Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lipcolour for each guest
  • and coupons for a lot of these products to buy more if you like them

I made small bags of all the samples and goodies for each person to take home with them.

Redbook 3

In addition to my friends, my mom and younger sister were up this weekend so we had fun playing with all the goodies!

I had not tried any of these specific products before – I really enjoyed getting to try them out for myself.

If you have not checked out House Party, check it out for some opportunities for you to host your own party.

[these products were provided by House Party, but all of the opinions are my own - check out for more details!]