Holiday Craft Tutorial: Candy Wreath

Update!!!  The video has now been added to the post.  Thanks for being patient!


Ok, so I have the flu… boo!  I have a video tutorial that goes with this, but the voice over has not bee done for it yet.  So I’m going to post this now and then update it later with the video put in.  Sorry for the confusion, but I wanted to get the tutorial up BEFORE Christmas and at the rate it’s going the flu will still be here at Christmas.  So… anyways, hopefully you can find someone to make a quick candy wreath for!


Hello everyone!  Merry Christmas!

It is quickly approaching, but I have another holiday craft tutorial for you today!  I have made these candy wreaths for years.  My first memory of them is when I was very young and my mom helped us make these for our Sunday School teachers!


You can vary the look by changing the candies you use or the color of the curling ribbon.  I generally use peppermints just because I associate peppermints with candy canes and Christmas!  But you can definitely use any you want.  I’ve made one out of Werther’s and white curling ribbon for someone in college, his mother sent it to him during finals as a gift for him and his suite-mates.


Just a note, though it is probably obvious, since these are made of candy they need to be kept indoors (otherwise, you may end up with a sticky, gooey mess)!  I usually hang mine on the inside of our front door so I have a wreath on each side – my big wreath on the outside and my small candy wreath on the inside.  Then as people leave our house they can unwrap a candy to go!  The unwrapped empty wrappers make a full wreath of their own so as the candies are eaten it is still festive and colorful.


If you’d like to watch the tutorial, see this…


Otherwise, continue reading for the written tutorial!

The supplies you will need…

  • candy (the best candies to use for this project have twisted ends – like peppermints or butterscotch or even something like Double Bubble gum)
  • ring (my dad made me a bunch of these just using wire, but you can either buy a wire ring, or make it from a clothes hanger — just a note, the candy is heavy to you don’t want your ring to be too big or it will hold too much candy and be too heavy to stay in shape)
  • curling ribbon
  • scissors


Just another note… depending on how big you make your ring, this process can take a bit.  Usually I can make a wreath in about 2-3 hours.  I usually turn on the Hallmark channel or turn on a movie and just tying!

Step 1:  Cut your curling ribbon of choice into 7″-9″ pieces.  Depending on how big you actually make your wreath, you will most likely need around 100 pieces of cut ribbon, so just cut a bunch and start there.  Generally I cut about 15 or so and then move through the next couple steps then start over when I get to the end of the ribbon supply I already cut.


Step 2:  Take one piece of ribbon and loop it like you are going to tie a knot right in the center of it, but don’t pull tight.


Step 3:  Insert one end of the candy in the loop you’ve made then pull tight to secure the ribbon around one twisted end of the candy.  [At this step you can go ahead and repeat multiple times to have a pile of these candies ready, or you can go ahead and move on to Step 4 and just go back and repeat until your wreath is full.]


Step 4:  Take the candy with the curling ribbon tied to it and attach it to your wire ring by knotting it twice around the wire ring (the video will show this process a few times to show it in full detail).



Step 5:  Take your scissors and curl each end of the curling ribbon that hang off the wire ring.


Step 6:  Repeat steps 1-5 MULTIPLE times :) – like I said before, these wreaths usually take around 100 pieces of candy (more or less depending on the size of your actual wire ring) so just start cutting, tying, and curling to your favorite movie).  As you add more candies to the wreath just keep pushing them all together – rotate them a bit as you go to fill in the outside as well as the inside of the wreath, it does this naturally so don’t put much thought in to it, just keep pushing them together tightly.



As you get closer to the end you may need to push candies together a bit tighter so you can fill in the last space, then just fluff the candies out to even out the spacing.

Here is a close up of the last few pieces of candy going on the wreath…



And, the last step… fluff out your wreath a bit, add a hanger or larger ribbon, and hang for enjoyment!


Give a few away as gifts, or hang them around your house for you, your family, and your guests to enjoy all season long!

Thanks for joining me today guys!  And have a Merry Christmas!!


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